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Ilaveezhapoonchira : Idukki

Ilaveezhapoonchira is one of the most enchanting, beautiful adventurous tourist destinations in Kerala. Spread over thousands of  acres of the Kottayam district, the beautiful valleys of Ilaveezhapoonchira is an ideal picnic spot for all nature lovers. Situated at a distance of  55 kms from Kottayam, this gorgeous picnic spot is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy.
The spot located at the foot of the hillocks of Mankunnu, Kudayathur hill and Thonippara near Kanjar, each rising to about 3200 ft above sea level, makes it a best place for trekking. At the top of these hills, one can view large parts of Idukki, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Alapuzha, Pathanamthitta and Thrissur districts.
Ilaveezhapoonchira means ‘the pond of flowers where the leaves do not fall’. The place gets its name from the fact that there’s not a single tree in the vicinity and hence no leaf falls there. Some say that the name comes from the fact that it is always windy at the place and hence the leaves are carried away. According to a legend, the Pandavas had a stay here during their life incognito. Their wife Draupati came to take a bath at a lake, which was there at that time. Some Devas attracted by her beauty tried to satisfy their voyeuristic itch. Lord Indra, King of Devas who came to know about this, built hills heaping flowers that prevented them from indulging in such a practice. And the pond there became a dam of floral hills. During the monsoons, the valley between the hills fills up to form large scenic lake unveiling another sight of beauty.
Ilaveezhapoonchira is an interesting hilly area and a trekking spot and one of the best place in Kerala to watch sunrise and sunset. This is yet another place in Kerala to reveal the mind blowing beauty of the Kanyakumari sunrise and sunset.
The place can be easily reached from Thodupuzha town and one can spot small streams and waterfalls on the way. When you reach the hilly path, only a  four wheel drive vehicle or jeep can lift you up or you have to walk. From the top of Kudayathurmala, one can view the beauty of sunset, which will be a superb one.
Sunrise can be viewed from the top of  Mankunnu. The journey will be through a beautiful grassland and then starts the hike of Mankunnu. The path will be assisted by one guide since it finds difficult to find a clear cut path to the top hill. At the top, you can see the yellowish sun in the mist.
The next spot to explore here is ‘Muniguha’ which is a small cave surrounded by woods. The journey will be through a highly rocky area, so one can better go by a jeep. After 30 minutes drive, one can reach the woody area and can see the cave surrounded by the woods. It has only a narrow opening, so only one can crawl at a time. At the end of the cave, there is a small stream, which is said that, it never dries.
During the monsoon, the sight of this charming valley becomes more mesmerizing and thrilling with the lakes and small streams. The scenic beauty of this location allows you to explore one of the wonderful secrets of God’s Own Country. There is also a DTPC rest house at the top of the hill where you can enjoy your stay with basic facilities and can also book rooms in advance there.
Actually the journey to Ilaveezhapoonchira or the trekking starts from Idukki district, but the valley is situated in Kottayam district. The most suitable and easiest route to reach here is through Pala of Kottayam district. The nearest railway station from Ilaveezhapoonchira is at Kottayam, which is 57 kms away. Cochin International Airport is the nearby airport from Ilaveezhapoonchira which is 76 km away from Kottayam.
Best time to visit here is November to March, although those fond of monsoon rains may visit between the months of  June to August
How to Reach:
By Air:  Nearest airport is Nedumbassery International Airport.  Ilaveezhapoonchira is
around 70km from Airport
By Rail:  Nearest Railway Stations – Kottayam ( approx. 40 kms), Ernakulam
(Approx. 80 kms) and Aluva ( Approx. 70kms)
By Bus: Buses are available from Thodupuzha, Pala, Kottayam, Kattappana to
Kanjar.  From Kanjar lot of taxi options available.
This place is ideal for adventure tourism.. So visiting this place in an open Jeep or
truck will be a great experience


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