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Perunthenaruvi waterfall (also Perumthenaruvi) is located in the dense Sabarimala forest area, just 10 kilometres away from Erumeli, the renowned set off point for Sabarimala Pilgrimage. 
At Perumthenaruvi, water gushes through a gorge.
The display is fantastic.
The slant may ultimately reach about 100 ft height.
Further, the water gracefully flows through areas of rocks, trees and wild flowers radiating a lovely feel.

Great many bees, settled in the adjacent woods, have transformed here to a Kingdom of beehives.
Naturally, the stream flowing through this area came to be called the great honey stream - Perunthenaruvi (also Perumthenaruvi) in local vernacular. 

After splashing as a waterfall, this honey stream further along its course, gets poured into River Pampa. 

The rocky terrain majestically extends above and below the waterfall. Mighty monsoon unites its droplets to bury bulk of these rocks. As soon as monsoon departs, rocks start to peep up again. 

Slippery rocks demand cautious walk. Gaps within them are many and varied. There is an aspect of unreliability waiting in the bottom pool. A tinge of danger spreads an unseen presence in the refreshingly cool water. 

Upstream there are safer bathing spots, if you wish to take a joyous dip. Mornings are the best time to visit here as strong sunshine tends to make the rocks hot. 

Perunthenaruvi, a picnic spot with a secluded feel, rarely gets crowded. Visitors generally devote some hours or half a day to here. 

Keep your cameras handy because picture perfect Perumthenaruvi is a great spot for photo shoots. 

Looking at the spots potential, Tourism Department have started developing this Kerala waterfall as a tourist destination. Parking area, approach road, view point and so on are being developed.

How to reach

Perumthenaruvi waterfalls lies in Vechuchira village of Pathanamthitta District. Once reached Vechuchira, take the approach road next to Navodaya School. The waterfall is at a walking distance of 5 minutes from the School. 

The nearest towns are Ranni at 12 Kilometres and Thiruvalla at 16 Kilometres, where accommodations and decent restaurants are available. 

You can reach Perunthenaruvi via Pathanamthitta-Ranni or Kottayam – Erumeli routes. 

There is an alternative less trodden path who wants to get closer to nature. That is the Athykkayam - Kudamurutti - Chenna route. A trek of 20 minutes through tea plantations is needed to reach the waterfall. The trek through beautiful surroundings is a nice experience.


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